Online BCBA Supervision

Dr. Sonya Ashley, BCBA 1-16-24598

Supervision Course completed in 2016

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Flexible BCBA Supervision

We provide distance / online BCBA supervision for candidates seeking a quality supervision experience while working towards their BACB certification as a behavior analyst. ​Completed 100% online, we offer distance BCBA supervision that is affordable, flexible, and comprehensive.

While we realize that this opportunity may not be the best match for every situation, we believe that telehealth/teleconferencing can be invaluable resource in helping future behavior analysts grow and develop into multi-faceted professionals that are well-accustomed to using technology, working independently, and collaborating using a team approach.

Affordable Rates: $45.00 per supervision hour.

NOTE: Currently seeking supervisees that want unrestricted hours in training design - Contact us for more information.

The BACB requires that no more than half of your supervision hours are completed within a group setting per month. Individualized supervision allows for 1:1 feedback, questions, and assignment of tasks. Your supervision hours will be based on the total number of hours completed in field work experience.

Calculation Example:

  • 30 hours X 5% = 1.5 hrs of supervision required

  • 1.5 hrs of supervision X $45.00 = 67.50

How Online Supervision Works

  • Your BCBA supervisor meets with you via telehealth at least 2 times per month at a time that is convenient for both parties

  • Your supervisor will follow a BCBA supervision curriculum and/or tailor meetings based upon your interests or needs.

  • Your supervisor must observe you working with a client at least one time via telehealth and/or pre-recorded video using ABA with a client

  • Your supervisor will offer you feedback and discuss performance in working with clients observed.

  • Consents are required for all parties being observed.

  • Fieldwork experience being accumulated must be behavior analytic in nature (laminating doesn't count)

  • Payment is completed online as well as any BACB forms that need to be completed.

  • Supervisees are required to understand their responsibilities (as noted on the BACB website), but we are happy to help in guiding you.

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Our Requirements for Supervision

  • ​Supervisee must have started the BCBA / BCaBA coursework

  • Have access to the online technology to complete the supervision (Internet, microphone, webcam etc.)

  • A current position delivering ABA Services to an clients, students, learners

  • Must be able to obtain the written consent of clients being discussed and recorded (recording clients/live feed video is necessary for supervision)

  • Ability to record yourself providing services to a client (with written consent)

  • Completion of the supervision contract​ and pre-supervision checklist

BCBA Supervision Features

  • BCBA Distance supervision for candidates seeking quality supervision experience to work towards their BACB certification as a behavior analyst.

  • Easy supervision contract set-up.

  • ​Completed 100% via teleconferencing (and in-person for local professionals)

  • Flexible hours to meet your schedule.

  • Structured curriculum to ensure you are meeting every task-list requirement.

  • Support as you are studying for the BCBA exam.

  • Digital signing services ensuring you have current documentation.​

  • Assignment of unrestricted hours in the form of case studies, BIP development, data collection, discussion, article assignments, and more.

Locations Served

  • Arkansas

  • California

  • Idaho

  • New Mexico

  • Colorado

  • Wyoming

  • Nebraska

  • Arkansas

  • Illnois

  • Indiana

  • Minnesota

  • Pennsyvania

  • West Virginia

  • New Jersey

  • Georgia

  • Florida

  • Main

  • ​New Hampshire